by Marco Did˛, Stefania Tommasone

A few years later - concurrently with the introduction of the denarius in c. 211 B.C. - a series of gold coins with the types of Mars and the eagle was minted, as a corollary to this reform. These coins have value marks referring to the as (60, 40, and 20 units) on the obverse, and are struck at 3 (about 3.37 grams), 2 and 1 scruples. But the alloy used for them contains a higher percentage of silver than that of the "oath scene gold" (1.2%). The coinage of the Martial gold did not last very long and was apparently discontinued. It probably finished in 210-209 B.C. The mint which issued these coins seems to have been located in Sicily. This also was the case for the first silver denarii, which were struck in mints in central Italy or Sicily.

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Oro marziale

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