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by Claudia Perassi

All the Professors of Numismatics who have taught over the years at the Universitą Cattolica in Milan have felt the need to integrate the use of original coins in practical lessons managed directly by students into the theoretical aspects of their courses. Serafino Ricci (1867-1943), who taught a course on "Numismatica e Medaglistica" between the Academic years 1938/39 and 1942/43, began the University's first numismatic collection in 1940. However, this collection - which consisted of 119 coins "of different mints and eras, given to the Universitą Cattolica by specialists and friends" (as one reads in the archives) - was dispersed.

A course on Numismatics was offered again in 1962 by Gian Guido Belloni (1919-1996). He was then the Director of Milan's Archeological Museum and Numismatic Cabinet in Milan, and later became Full Professor of Roman Antiquities. Beginning in 1981, Professor Belloni strove to build a new coin collection through purchases in Milan's antiquities market. To the collection assembled by Belloni, which included 132 specimens - especially from the Roman Imperial period - was subsequently added the Vacchetta Collection, comprising nearly a thousand Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Medieval and Modern coins. Lastly, Bianca and Tina Belloni presented their brother's 101 coins to the University.

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Denario di C. Renio
Denarius of C. Renio
Sesterzio di Adriano
Sestertius of Hadrian
Follis di Massimiano
Follis of Galerius
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